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Trinket T18

Avec le nouveau raid viendra un nouveau style de trinket, qui changera de proc selon la spé.

Tier 18 Class Trinkets
Archimonde drops class-specific trinkets with spec-specific procs. Do note that the numbers will be higher on the actual trinkets due to ilvl scaling. For example, the resto proc on the item Boss 13 – Shaman Trinket is 50% but 22% on the spell Low Tide.

Boss 13 – Death Knight Trinket:
Sang – Unholy Coil: Death Coil deals 18% increased damage, and heals you for 18% of damage dealt
Grivre – Frozen Obliteration: Obliterate deals 11% additional damage as Frost damage.
Impie – Wandering Plague: Your disease ticks have a 13% chance to trigger Wandering Plague, dealing the same damage again to the target and all other enemies within 0 yards, split evenly.

Boss 13 - Druid Trinket:
Féral – Wildcat Celerity: Increases the duration of Tiger’s Fury and Berserk by 56%.
Gardien – Stalwart Guardian: All damage received is reduced by (Attack power * 15 / 100) (increased by Attack Power). This effect cannot absorb more than 90% of an attack.
Restau – Flourish: Your Rejuvenation, Lifebloom, and Genesis ticks have a 2% chance to also heal other allies within 8 yds.
Equi – Starshards: Starsurge has a 27% chance to also trigger Starfall.

Boss 13 - Hunter Trinket:
BM -Beastlord: Bestial Wrath now lasts an additional 50 sec on your pet, and it increases your pet’s damage by an additional (11 +- 15)%.
Survie - Blackness: Your Arcane Shots and Multi-Shots have a 22% chance to reset the cooldown of Black Arrow.
MM - Longview: Your shots deal (11 / 100)% increased damage per yard between you and the target.

Boss 13 – Mage Trinket:
Arcane - Wild Arcanist: Arcane Power also increases the damage and reduces the cast time and global cooldown of Arcane Blast by 18%.
Givre – Shatterlance: Ice Lances cast immediately following a Frostbolt deal 27% more damage.
Feu – Pyrosurge: Inferno Blast has a 27% chance to also cast a Flamestrike at the target’s location.

Boss 13 – Monk Trinket:
Tank – Eluding Movements: When you drop below 25% health, you gain a charge of Elusive Brew. Elusive Brew also increases damage dealt by 7%.
Heal – Soothing Breeze: Soothing Mist also heals allies around the target for 7% of the primary target.
DPS – Furious Sun: You have a 11% chance to perform a free Rising Sun Kick after each Fists of Fury, Blackout Kick, or normal Rising Sun Kick.

Boss 13 – Paladin Trinket:
HEAL – Magnifying Light: Healing with Holy Shock grants you Magnifying Light, increasing the healing of your next Holy Light or Flash of Light within 6 sec by 18%.
DPS – Focus of Vengeance: Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous increase your damage by 224% for 10 sec, stacking up to 3 times. This effect is reset if you Crusader Strike or Hammer of the Righteous a different target.
TANK - Savior’s Boon: When you drop below 25% health, the Light will heal you for (Attack power * 448 / 100), and deal (Attack power * 448 / 100) Holy damage to nearby enemies. This cannot occur again for 12 sec.

Boss 13 – Priest Trinket:
DISCI – Naaru’s Discipline: Your Penance, Flash Heal, Heal, and Prayer of Healing also grant Naaru’s Discipline to allies, reducing damage taken by 3% for 10 sec.
SACRE – Complete Healing: While in Chakra: Sanctuary, Heal’s cast time and mana cost are increased by 20% and its healing is increased by 40%.
SP – Mental Fatigue: Mind Flay damage applies Mental Fatigue to the target, increasing damage taken from Mind spells by (135 / 100)% for 10 sec, stacking up to 10 times.

Boss 13 - Rogue Trinket:
ASSA - Toxic Mutilator: Envenom also increases the critical strike chance of Mutilate and Dispatch by 13%.
COMBAT – Eviscerating Blade: Your Eviscerate now hurls a blade at the target, with a 20 yard range, and deals 27% additional damage.
FINESSE – From the Shadows: Increases the damage of Ambush and Garrote by 34%.

Boss 13 – Shaman Trinket:
ELEM – Elemental Bellows: Increases the damage and duration of Flame Shock by 45%.
AMELIO - Furious Winds: Your Windfury Attacks deal 179% increased damage, and have a 22% chance to generate a Maelstrom Weapon stack.
HEAL – Low Tide: Casting Healing Surge, Chain Heal, or Healing Wave on a target with your Riptide on it has a 22% chance to spread that Riptide to another nearby ally.

Boss 13 – Warlock Trinket:
AFFLI - Epidemic: Reduces the duration and period of Agony, Unstable Affliction, and Corruption by 7%.
DEMONO – Swarm of Gul’dan: Hand of Gul’dan has a 13% chance to also summon 3 Wild Imps.
DESTRU – Flamelicked: Incinerate increases the critical strike chance of your spells against that target by 1% for 10 sec, stacking up to 5 times.

Boss 13 – Warrior Trinket:
PROT – Shield Mastery:Shield Block now also reduces magic damage taken by 9%. Shield Barrier now also increases your Armor by 9%. Shield Charge now increases Shield Slam, Revenge, and Heroic Strike damage by an additional 9%.
ARMES – Tactical Surge: Your auto attacks have a 16% chance to reset the cooldown of Colossus Smash.
FURY – Berserker’s Fury: Your auto attacks increase your haste by (112 / 100)% for 6 sec, stacking up to 10 times. This effect is reset if you auto attack a different target.

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Nerf BRF

Ce hotfix est déjà en place !!

Souffle de pierre inflige 20% de dégâts en moins en nm et hm
Haut fourneau
Tous les add ont 15% de vie en moins en nm et hm
Main noire
Les dégâts du dot de l’empalé sont réduits de 30% en nm et hm
Les pv de main noire sont réduits de 10% en nm et hm

Si avec ça il tombe pas…

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Dps ranking

Bonjour à tous,

Mr Robot a mis en place un comparateur de dps par classe / ilvl selon les boss. Je trouve ca beaucoup plus sympa visuellement que warcraftlog et il permets de jouer avec l’ilvl


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Down Hans et Gretel HM

GG bizarement ce boss est tombé first try! Comme quoi notre soirée wype de la dernière fois aura servi^^
GG à tous!

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Down Ka’Graz HM

GG à tous pas évident ce boss! je met à la suite les Screenshots en vrac de Fonderie HM ^^


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